The Big 5

So how the heck have you been!? Me? Raisin’ kids, new job, completed a graduate certificate program, house keeping, blah, blah, blah. Life’s been happening. I’m hoping to blog more, but with my crazy new job I find it to be a challenge.

So today I have for you a little snapshot of the most recent, somewhat budget friendly, shin-dig I through. My son turned 5 in April and I HAD to throw him a party. Heeeee’s fiiiiiiiive! My husband says I spend too much on “these parties”. Yeah, yeah. So, because I started this job I have zero time to plan. I enlisted my cousin to help make decor, cuz she’s like a clone of Martha Stewart. She asked me to give her 20 bucks and she’d do her thang.

My son LOVES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now so the theme was a given. I used a lot of his toys and stuff from his room to decorate, but my cousin’s homemade decor was the highlight for sure. Here’s a peek into our fun.

The front door shell and mask are from his Halloween costume, lanterns from Target (sorry, couldn’t find online), balloon from Party City. The mutagen “Toxic” cans, signs, pizza box, and pizza garland are all made by my talented cousin.

My aunt made the cake as a gift, hubby’s aunt made Raph fruit plate and I couldn’t resist putting M & M’s on the pizza!

The kids and adults had a great time! I even dressed up as April O’neil, but didn’t get a pic [Thumb down]

The Big Boy got a brand new full size bed so he was pretty stoked Dude! Till next time!

-Megan xo


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