Happy Holidays

Nighttime Christmas TreeThe holidays are my favorite time of year! Well, except for my birthday and anniversary (duuuuh). I love decorating the house and giving it that warm fuzzy feel. Of course the kids love the transformation too! This year I finally got the husband to purchase some new stuff; I guess you could say it was a compromise. I wanted to get all new décor starting fresh with a white-ish kinda theme. Nope. He wasn’t havin’ it. He likes his traditional green, red, and dark….. you get the picture. Some times I feel a little like brightness, white, and color! You know what I mean?

Well, I am enjoying the fruits of our labor despite being shut down. This year I added a pop of white by spray-painting some pumpkins we got in October. Can’t waste those babies! Easiest DIY yet.

We’re totally into Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s our daughter Mykel’s favorite movie. This year we added a “Monster Wreath” and left “Zero” hanging in the dining room.

My son, Rivers, got a Disneyland Monorail as an early Christmas gift so of course that got placed around the tree. Monorail

I’m dying over this sign from Target for a buck! it was too good not to pass up!!

Is that how the saying goes?

Tis the season!

-Megan 😉


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