Welcome and I’m Baaaaack


Ok so, I’m technically subbing (in a classroom) right now and can’t seem to help myself from writing this. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow what a great sub” (sarcasm). Let me tell you something, they’re juniors and seniors and should be self-directed learners anyhow! Plus they’re quietly working on a word search. And doing a great job I might add.

I just wanted to write this little ditty because I’ve been dying to write on my blog again. I have so much fun doing it (even if I don’t have a huge following :/ ). It’s a great creative outlet for me, and despite the fact that my writing isn’t picture perfect I really enjoy doing it. I use to have ThisisMegan.com, but have now switched over to my new baby Your Average Momma! I love the name so much more!! Being a school counselor by trade, and soon to be therapist, I know No One Is Average. Still, the name felt right.

I had to stop writing on my last blog because I have gone back to school to become a Clinical Therapist, which is so much fun I could just pinch myself! Really, I am fascinated by the – things I learn fascinate me (stupid grammar autocorrect) – things I learn. I won’t bore you with that, but it has been quite the challenge going to school, raising two beautiful babes (and getting one off to preschool three days a week), making a husband happy, having my mother move in with us, keeping up the home (cuz I’m one of those that has to have things clean and in order so I can function) and now finding out that my father could possibly have cancer (Really?! Really?!).

Life’s been rough, but I thank God for his Grace and the time I have with my family and friends. Not to mention the Grace my family has given me through this time of change. Annnnd that we can still maintain our Disney passes.

Ill just leave you with that for now.

I look forward to many more conversations!

Until next time!

-Megan 😉


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